The first season of The Odd Couple premiered on February 19, 2015 and ended on May 14, 2015, with the consists of 12 episodes.

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  • On May 9, 2014, it was ordered straight to series for a season scheduled for a mid-season premiere.
  • Aired on Thursday, February 19 at 8:30/7:30c after TBBT (The Big Bang Theory).
  • On CBS and CBS All Access.
  • The season will consist of 12 episodes.

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No. in series No. in season Image Title Air date Director Writer
1 1 Oddcouple-pilot Pilot February 19, 2015 Mark Cendrowski Danny Jacobson, Matthew Perry & Joe Keenan
Sportswriter and sports radio personality Oscar Madison, who is recently divorced, is about to hook up with neighbor Casey when he is visited by his old college pal, Felix Unger, whose wife has just thrown him out. Felix soon learns that his ex has hired a lawyer and plans to serve him with divorce papers. The neurotic, fussy Felix meets Casey's sister, the equally neurotic Emily, whose ex-husband left her for a man. Oscar plans a double date for the four of them, but Felix insists he won't be getting over his ex anytime soon. After viewing a slide show with Felix from their married days; however, it is Oscar who gets emotional and realizes he also is not fully over his break-up.
2 2 S1-E02 The Ghostwriter February 26, 2015 Phill Lewis Lesley Wake Webster
Teddy reminds Oscar about his impending deadline to ghost write the autobiography for retired baseball star Marcus "Murph" Murphy. However, the deadline becomes threatened when Felix gets Murph to open up and make the book much more personal, including adding his childhood poems. Meanwhile, Felix enlists Dani's help on a photoshoot, while Emily lands a job at the tavern where the guys hang out.
3 3 S1-E03 The Birthday Party March 5, 2015 Phill Lewis Dan O'Shannon
It's Felix's birthday and Oscar has forgotten all about it. After lying to Casey about a surprise party for his friend in order to impress her, he rallies Dani, Teddy and Emily to throw Felix a last-minute party. Felix finds out there is a party, but promises to act surprised. During the party, Dani gives Felix a bird and Emily gives him a rare vacuum, but after an old friend asks him about what happened to his ex-wife Ashley (whom he met on his birthday), Felix sinks into a deep depression and leaves. Oscar finds Felix alone at the roller skating rink, where he and Ashley first met on that date 25 years ago, and convinces him to try to move on from Ashley.
4 4 S1-E04 The Blind Leading the Blind Date March 12, 2015 Phill Lewis Tucker Cawley
Oscar and Felix help Dani find a date for her class reunion following her recent breakup. While helping Dani meet people at the tavern, Oscar turns selfish and finds a date for himself. Thus, it falls upon Felix and his "scientific" methods to find a date for Dani. Oscar later finds out that his one night stand is a liar and a thief, and after Dani fails to connect with Felix's candidate, it is Oscar who finds the perfect person for her.
5 5 S1-E05 The Wedding Deception April 2, 2015 Phill Lewis Joe Keenan
Oscar and Felix receive an invitation to the wedding of their college friend. Oscar remembers wanting to hook up with the bride's sister, Olivia, back in college. Felix realizes that his ex-wife Ashley will be at the wedding and starts to panic. At Dani's suggestion, Felix brings Emily as his date to show Ashley he's moved on. During the reception, Ashley shows signs that she still cares about Felix and he misinterprets them, thinking she isn't over him. Oscar meets Olivia and she surprisingly says she had always hoped to hook up with him in college, too. Moments later, Felix announces that Emily is Oscar's fiancee, to show Ashley he's still available. Later, Olivia becomes convinced that Oscar and Felix are a gay couple.
6 6 S1-E06 Heal Thyself April 9, 2015 Mark Cendrowski Bob Daily
Felix convinces Oscar to go to the doctor after he comes down with an ear infection. Felix is known to everyone at the office of Dr. Sharon McManus. Oscar immediately falls for Sharon and asks her on a date. The first date goes well, but Sharon reveals that she wants to drop Felix as a patient because of his extreme hypochondria. Later, Felix is convinced that he has a rare Slovakian disease, while Oscar and Emily say he's being ridiculous. But Sharon then reveals, just as she and Oscar are about to make love, that the disease is in fact real and that she recently treated a Slovak patient, which causes Oscar to begin fearing the disease.
7 7 S1-E07 Secret Agent Man April 16, 2015 Mark Cendrowski Tony Dodds
Oscar receives news that Felix can get him on a televised sports roundtable show with Rich Eisen and Kenny Smith. Teddy thinks that it's a bad idea and recommends that Oscar stay with his radio show, but Felix convinces Oscar to do the television show and prove Teddy wrong. Emily and Dani help prepare Oscar as well. As the sports show unfolds, Oscar makes a fool of himself on live television. Teddy then tells Felix why he knows from past experience that Oscar shouldn't do live television, and he then quits as Oscar's agent. Back at the apartment, Felix patches up things and Teddy returns, even convincing Rich Eisen and Kenny Smith to appear on Oscar's radio program.
8 8 S1-E08 The Unger Games April 23, 2015 Andy Cadiff Tad Quill
After a softball game in which Felix gets the winning hit, Oscar becomes jealous of Felix's athletic skills and wants to prove that he as just as good as Felix is. The two engage in a decathlon to decide which one is the better athlete. Meanwhile, Dani thinks that Murph has feelings for Emily because Murph keeps buying Emily's handmade jewelry.
9 9 S1-E09 Sleeping Dogs Lie April 16, 2015 Mark Cendrowski Emily Cutler
Oscar gets woken up in the middle of the night by Felix sleepwalking. Oscar later tells Felix, and Felix realizes he needs his favorite pillow from his ex-wife's house. The two go to Ashley's house to retrieve the pillow, which is a success until Oscar finds a photo album of the couple's yearly camping trip that occurred a few months before Ashley threw out Felix. Oscar sees photos of Felix and Ashley, but also a different man with his ex-wife Gaby, and feels betrayed. Later, Oscar realizes he left his cell phone at Ashley's house, and while retrieving it he finds out she has a boyfriend.
10 10 S1-E10 Enlightening Strikes May 7, 2015 Phill Lewis Tucker Cawley & Emily Cutler
Felix guest instructs a yoga class and brings along Teddy, Emily and Murph to attend the class. During the session the people start to get irritated with Felix's forced teaching styles and walk out. Elsewhere, Oscar and Dani get trapped in the Subway and begin to get annoyed with the people on board.
11 11 S1-E11 Jealous Island May 7, 2015 Mark Cendowski Cindy Appel & Michael J. S. Murphy
Felix convinces Emily to join the Historical Society. During the first meeting, Felix's old nemesis shows up and charms Emily. Soon after, Felix begins to get jealous of his rival, annoying Emily when she deduces Felix is more mad that the guy is trying to usurp his role in the Society than trying to win her affection. Elsewhere, Oscar dates a woman who seems to be a good match for him, until he learns that the woman previously dated Murph. Oscar begins to get jealous of what she might have had in that relationship, and tries to start acting like Murph.
12 12 S1-E12 The Audit Couple


May 14, 2015 Andy Cadiff Dan O'Shannon
Oscar is audited by the IRS, but because the case is five years old, his ex-wife Gaby also becomes involved. Felix realizes that he is likely responsible for the audit, after comparing his own attention to detail to Oscar's lack of same when Felix was meeting with an IRS agent. After helping Oscar and Gaby through their tax paperwork, Felix walks in on the couple reconnecting in the bedroom. Elsewhere, Dani convinces Emily to share her true feelings for Felix. It appears to work, as Oscar later walks in on Felix and Emily in bed. Later, Felix reveals to Oscar that he gave his name to the IRS.

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