The third and final season of The Odd Couple premiered on October 17, 2016 and ended on January 30, 2017, with the consists of 13 episodes.

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  • Geoff Stults as Marcus "Murph" Murphy
  • Teri Hatcher as Charlotte
  • Sheryl Underwood as Diane
  • Caleb Brown as Evan
  • Rich Eisen as Himself
  • Fred Willard as Fred Langford[1]

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  • On May 16, 2016, CBS renewed for a third season.
  • Aired on Monday, October 17 at 9:30/8:30c
  • On CBS and CBS All Access.
  • The season will consist of 13 episodes and will not order more additional episodes on November 21, 2016.
  • On May 15, 2017, CBS cancelled the series after three seasons and giving away to his ex-Friends co-star Matt LeBlanc which was renewed for a freshman series Man with a Plan.[2]

Episodes Edit

No. in series No. in season Image Title Air date Director Writer
26 1 S3-E01 London Calling October 17, 2016 Mark Cendrowski Bob Daily
Felix begins to freak out when Emily announces that she is extending her stay in London for another month to prepare for a jewelry show in Paris. Meanwhile, Oscar seeks help from Teddy to plan a special three-month anniversary date for Charlotte, but Oscar is soon torn between planning his date and trying to help Felix.
27 2 S3-E02 Food Fight October 24, 2016 Ted Wass Tucker Cawley
The owner of Langford's announces that the bar is up for sale due to the declining number of customers. Felix offers assistance to help keep it in business, but this backfires when everyone hates his changes, leading to Oscar setting up his own bar in the apartment. Meanwhile, Emily has her first day back at work following her return from England.
28 3 S3-E03 I Kid, You Not October 31, 2016 Pamela Fryman Stephanie Furman Darrow
Although Halloween is a holiday he despises, Felix tries to prove he is open to change by hosting a "scary" historical tour of the building for some kids, enlisting help from Emily and Dani. At the same time, Oscar convinces Charlotte to let him take her son Evan trick-or-treating, even though she still doesn't think Oscar is very responsible. During Felix's tour, most of the kids find it boring and bail, causing Oscar to now have to find Evan. One child dressed as Albert Einstein stays with the tour, appearing to be a young clone of Felix. Felix sees this and convinces the kid that it's okay to enjoy childish things.
29 4 S3-E04 Taffy Days November 7, 2016 Phill Lewis Donick CaryRyan Raddatz & Stephanie Furman Darrow
Oscar decides to fulfill the last request of his late father Walter and scatter his ashes in the river behind the candy factory that Walter once co-owned with his business partner Patty even though Walter and Patty had not spoken to each other for over 30 years. Along the way, Oscar and Felix meet a number of characters played by Ron Howard, Marion Ross, Cindy Williams, Pam Dawber
30 5 S3-E05 Miss England November 14, 2016 Jeff Greenstein Emily Cutler
Teddy promotes Dani to a producer on Oscar's radio show and she is forced to hire Oscar's new assistant, but this later proves to be harder than Dani thought. Meanwhile, Felix tries to cheer up Emily when she reveals that she's missing England, but Emily later says she specifically liked the independence she had in England and wants to break up with Felix.
31 6 S3-E06 Eisen Trouble November 21, 2016 Jeff Greenstein Ryan Raddatz
After his arch enemy Rich Eisen receives a humanitarian award, Oscar is forced to give a speech and wants to roast him. Meanwhile, Felix tries to fast-forward through the five stages of grief following his breakup with Emily.
32 7 S3-E07 The Odd Couples November 28, 2016 Ted Wass Tom Hertz
Things get out of hand when Felix begins to meddle in his friends' personal lives and hires a counselor to help resolve their issues. Among the problems: Teddy's wife Diane believes that he is cheating on her with Dani after he stays out all night and Dani's moving in with Emily has created friction over the way the apartment is decorated.
33 8 S3-E08 Felix Navidad December 12, 2016 Phill Lewis Emily Cutler, Tony Dodds & Tom Hertz
Felix begins to go crazy when his mother Meredith visits for the holidays and he tries to impress her by perfectly carrying out their family Christmas traditions, but he later finds out that she has kept secrets from him. Meanwhile, Emily gets dragged in to work a holiday party at Langford's.
34 9 S3-E09 My Bestfriend's Girl January 2, 2017 Phill Lewis Donick Cary
Oscar asks Felix to hang out with Charlotte when it comes to attending high society activities he doesn't like. As they begin to go out constantly, Felix thinks he is growing feelings for Charlotte. Meanwhile, Emily recruits Dani, Oscar, Teddy, and Murph to make necklaces for her after a Macy's representative wants to buy a hundred of them, causing Emily to become a hostile boss as the deadline approaches.
35 10 S3-E10 Should She Stay or Should She Go January 9, 2017 Phill Lewis Tony Dodds
Felix takes the first step in moving on from Emily by picking up a bartender named Natasha and bringing her home for the night. It later backfires when Felix doesn't know how to have a one-night stand; Natasha starts to get attached and won't leave. Meanwhile, Oscar takes his relationship with Charlotte to the next level by asking her to leave her toothbrush at his apartment, after which they get into a conversation about their relationship and say "I love you" to each other.
36 11 S3-E11 Batman vs. The Penguin January 16, 2017 Mark Cendrowski Frank O. Wolff, Michael J.S. Murphy & Dante Russo
Murph is hosting a new TV sports segment wherein Oscar is pitted against a penguin to pick the winners of hockey games. Oscar soon becomes the butt of jokes when the penguin's random picks (made by walking under one team logo or another) turn out to be more reliable than his. Elsewhere, Emily asks Felix to shoot photos of her for a jewelry website, but Felix misinterprets her verbal cues and thinks she wants to get back together with him.
37 12 S3-E12 The God Couple January 30, 2017 Pamela Fryman Kristi Korzec, Dan O'Shannon & Aaron Shure
Felix asks Oscar to go to church with him to support Dani as she sings lead in the gospel choir, but Felix's coaching taints an opportunity the choir soon receives to sing on TV. Meanwhile, Oscar is reluctant to go to church, but slowly begins to embrace it when he sees a work opportunity. Also, Emily has her first date following her breakup from Felix.
38 13 S3-E13 Conscious Odd Coupling


January 30, 2017 Pamela Fryman Bob Daily & Tucker Cawley
After a huge fight, Felix and Oscar decide it's best to get new roommates. Oscar moves in with Charlotte after a romantic weekend together. Felix interviews candidates and selects Neil who is exactly like him. Soon after, things start to backfire for both men. Oscar destroys Charlotte's kitchen when he tries to cook for her, which drives her crazy, and the two think it's best to go back to how things used to be. Neil begins to annoy Felix when he consistently outdoes Felix at his usual fussy tasks and then refuses to move out, citing his lease agreement. In the end, Felix and Oscar move back in together, but in an open apartment one floor higher, with the same layout as their old apartment. 


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