Sleeping Dogs Lie
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date April 30, 2015
Written by Emily Cutler
Directed by Mark Cendrowski
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Sleeping Dogs Lie is the 9th episode of the first season of The Odd Couple which was aired on April 30, 2015.

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Oscar gets woken up in the middle of the night by Felix sleepwalking. Oscar later tells Felix, and Felix realizes he needs his favorite pillow from his ex-wife's house. The two go to Ashley's house to retrieve the pillow, which is a success until Oscar finds a photo album of the couple's yearly camping trip that occurred a few months before Ashley threw out Felix. Oscar sees photos of Felix and Ashley, but also a different man with his ex-wife Gaby, and feels betrayed. Later, Oscar realizes he left his cell phone at Ashley's house, and while retrieving it he finds out she has a boyfriend.

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  • Christine Woods as Ashley
  • Robb Derringer as Bill
  • Will McLaughlin as Handyman
  • Chris Webber as Chris Webber

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