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Hi All! This wikia is dedicated to the show The Odd Couple on CBS. The show just aired in February of 2015 and stars Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon.

When their respective marriages fall apart, endearing slob Oscar Madison invites his former college friend Felix Unger to move in with him. Right away it becomes obvious that Felix's uptight, neat-freak ways are at odds with his habits, so Oscar worries he has made an enormous mistake, but together they decide that -- whatever their differences -- they can help each other move on from their divorces, make the living arrangement work and, possibly, learn a little more about themselves in the process.



The Odd Couple - The Sweetest, Kindest, Most Loving Man04:50

The Odd Couple - The Sweetest, Kindest, Most Loving Man



Oscar Madison, played by Matthew Perry, is a sports talk show host. Oscar now lives with his old friend Felix Unger, but the two often clash because Felix is a neat freak and Oscar is very slovenly and more easy going. Read more >>



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